What Skinimalism is all about.


The skinimalism trend has graced the beauty world since 2021 and it seems like it is here to stay. Judging from what the economy is currently saying, this is a trend that is going to save the day. Skinimalism does not only slash your skincare budget in half, it also saves you some precious minutes. Do you also believe less is more? Or do you find applying layers and layers of products tasking and time-consuming? Then stay glued because this beauty hack will transform your skincare experience to a more simple and  enjoyable one. 

What is Skinimalism?


Skinimalism or skin minimalism is centered around a minimalist approach to skincare. Basically, it is a concept that helps you streamline your routine to consist of  few but effective and necessary products that targets your skin concerns. Most importantly, skinimalism helps you to achieve visibly healthy skin with few products.

However, skincare is not a one size fits all. While a ten-step skincare routine might cause irritation and sensitivity for some, it might be a very effective approach for others. So, just like every skincare trend, skin minimalism might not be necessary for everyone. For those looking to save cost and simplify their routine however, it is definitely a great option. It is also a great fit for those with busy lifestyles or sensitive skin.

A typical skinimalist routine might consist of a gentle cleanser, a moisturizer formulated for your skin type, and sunscreen for daily protection. This approach emphasizes “less is more” to avoid overwhelming your skin with unnecessary products that could lead to irritation.

The benefits of skinimalism goes beyond just simplifying your routine. It can also be a more sustainable approach, minimizing product consumption and packaging waste. Additionally, focusing on a minimalist routine can encourage you to prioritize healthy lifestyle habits like proper hydration and sleep, which greatly contribute to your skin’s health.

How to get started with skinimalism


Cleansing is the first step of any skincare routine and it is typically done twice a day. A good cleanser should gently get rid of dirt, sweat, makeup and other debris from your skin without stripping it. Cleansing is a very important step of your routine because it balances the skin’s PH level, unclog pores, boosts hydration and makes other products in your routine work properly. If you are wondering what cleanser does the perfect job regardless of your skin type, the Aromer Ultra Light Water Cleanser is your best pick. It is a gentle water cleanser formulated with saponaria officinalis that effectively cleanses your skin without leaving it dry. 

Aromer ultra light water cleanser


Serums are lightweight formulas packed with concentrated ingredients to address specific skin concerns like fine lines, dryness, dark spots, and so on. While serums are not essential in your skinimalism routine, it is a great addition if you are trying to tackle these skin concerns. If you are looking to add a boost of hydration to your routine, the Royal Propolis Enrich Essence is a serum that hydrates and strengthens the skin barrier, leaving your skin healthy and radiant.

royal honey


Moisturizing is a fundamental step in any skincare routine for every skin type, and skinimalism is no exception. It plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy, balanced skin. Moisturizing also helps to hydrate the skin and strengthen the skin barrier. Additionally, it maintains the skin’s elasticity making it look youthful. The Aromer Deep Moisture Soothing Cream is a suitable moisturizer for all skin types including sensitive skin. It sooths and hydrates the skin while ensuring a healthy skin barrier.

Aromer moisturizers


The last step for a daytime routine is sunscreen application. Sunscreen is also an essential part of any routine. It protects the skin from sun damage, early aging signs and even cancer. So, never ditch sunscreen, even on cloudy days. Go for a sunscreen that has at least SPF 30 and is suitable for your skin type. 


In conclusion, skin minimalism offers a simplified approach to achieving healthy skin. By focusing on the three essential products (cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen) and listening to your skin’s needs, you can create a routine that’s both effective and sustainable. Remember, a minimalist approach does not mean neglecting your skin’s needs. Pay attention to how your skin responds and adjust your routine accordingly!