I’m that guy uses 5-in-1 shampoo for everything

Firstly !!!!!! How many men actually check the ingredients list when they go product shopping ? Do like this 👆🤘👆✌️. We want to see something

Because……… 🙄😒

MANY MEN have turned to 5-in-1 shampoo, body wash, and conditioner products as a convenient way to simplify their daily routine. While these products may seem like a time-saving solution, they may not be the best choice for your skin. 

INFACT, MEN, they are not the besttttt for your skin please !!!!! 

Guys, take this advice from the ladies, it's a NO for us, we think you can do better. Even if you don't want to do the whole layering stuff, at least separate your products.

We have gathered some very strong points and reasons why 5-in-1 shampoo, body wash, and conditioner products may not be good for your skin:

Number 1

Guys, for real, don’t you think that these things can be too harsh?: 5-in-1 products are designed to cleanse and condition the hair and skin all at once. However, this means that they often contain a high concentration of cleansing agents, which can be too harsh for the skin. Using a product that is too harsh can strip the skin of its natural oils, leading to dryness, irritation, and even inflammation. (don’t you guys want to glow ??? 🥲)

Number 2

They may not be pH balanced: The skin has a natural pH balance that helps to protect it from harmful bacteria and other environmental factors. Using 5-in-1 products can disrupt the skin’s natural barrier and make it more vulnerable to damage. Don’t you want your skin to be like milk ??? 🥲

Number 3

They may contain harmful ingredients: Many 5-in-1 products contain a long list of ingredients, some of which may be harmful to the skin. For example, sulfates, which are commonly used in shampoos and body washes, can also cause skin irritation and dryness. Fragrances and other additives may also cause allergic reactions or irritation. Did you read that? Mehn, I wonder how y’all do it, phew !!!!

Are you still there? Do you feel dragged yet? Okay good, Number 4!

They may not provide enough hydration: While 5-in-1 products may claim to provide both cleansing and conditioning benefits, they may not be able to provide enough hydration to the skin. See, hydrated skin is the truthhhh !!!! This is especially true for individuals with dry or sensitive skin. You require a separate moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and healthy, not 5-in-1 products 🙄

Number 5!!!

They may not be effective: While 5-in-1 products may be convenient, they are deffo not as effective as using separate products !!! For example, a shampoo and conditioner that are designed specifically for your hair type may be more effective at keeping your hair healthy and shiny than a 5-in-1 product.

Finallllyyyyyyyyy, while 5-in-1 shampoo, body wash, and conditioner products may seem like a convenient solution, can you see how they may not be the best choice for your skin ?

Using separate products that are designed specifically for your skin and hair type will help to keep your skin and hair healthy, hydrated, and protected from damage.

I hope we have been able to convince you that having a healthy skincare routine is not just for dem girlies, but for guys also. Plus we love guys with good skin *wink wink*

Anyyyyywayyyyssss, we would be giving you a list of product recommendations for your skin in our next article, products that we actually swear by and yes, simple routines too. It’s time to throw away ashy skins please ! 

See ya’ll soon. 

Until next time,

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(wait, how many of ya’ll sang many men lowkey after reading the first paragraph🤭?)

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