Ingredient spotlight: Retinol


Skincare fan or not, you have most likely heard about retinol. This star ingredient is an instagram influencer favorite and it has the skincare world in a chokehold. So, what really is the hype about this ingredient that has a big part of the internet preaching about it?

Read on to unravel its magic and maybe join in the trend!

What is Retinol?

Retinol is a type of retinoid derived from vitamin A and it can come in different textures. It may come in the form of a serum, cream or gel. 

Retinoids can be prescribed medically or gotten over the counter. Over the counter retinols usually have a concentration of up to 2% and higher concentrations are obtained through prescription. 

This celebrity ingredient is usually applied topically on the skin and one of its key functions is that it improves skin texture and complexion. This gem has many more magical benefits which you will soon come to know in this write-up.

Why it is Worth the Hype.


The buzz of this ingredient is definitely not dying down anytime soon and for a good reason. For dermatologists, it is a magic potion and is referred to as the gold standard.

Want to know why it is worth the hype? Here are some of its amazing benefits:

Anti-aging benefits

Of course Retinol deserves all the hype it gets and more because having one in your stash is one of the secrets to ageless beauty. 

As we age, the skin reduces collagen production and is unable to retain moisture, due to this the skin has less elasticity and develops fine lines and wrinkles. 

Retinol, being a collagen booster gives your skin its needed elasticity and makes your skin look firm and younger. 

Reduces Acne

When the pores on our skin become blocked with oil or dead skin cells, we can develop acne. 

Retinol helps to prevent this by promoting skin cell turnover. Skin Cell turnover is the process by which the skin sheds dead skin cells from its surface and is replaced by new cells.

Retinol also reduces acne by unblocking existing clogged pores which in turn prevents fresh acne breakouts.

Reduces Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin concern that is caused by a buildup of melanin on the skin. The buildup can be triggered by factors like the sun and acne. 

Retinol suppresses the production of melanin and helps to reduce or completely fade dark spots over time leaving you with a more uniform skin tone.

The overall benefits of Retinol leaves you with smoother skin and a uniform skin tone.


In conclusion, retinol is not just a seasonal trend in the skincare world, it is here to stay! 

This game changing ingredient deserves a spot in everyone’s stash. Who wants to miss out on those juicy benefits anyways? 

So, next time you are browsing the skincare aisle in a store or scrolling through Instagram, remember, retinol is more than just a hype, it is the real deal.

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