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Mission – our mission is to make the best Korean products easily accessible and affordable in Africa by providing products

The beginning

A mini story (I Fell in love with skincare products in secondary school when I had skin discolouration due to the exposure of heat and sunlight, this also caused me to have tinea versicolour. Tinea Versicolour is a fungal infection that’s caused being in hot and humid environment. it took years of trying differnet products to discover what works for me. I came across k-beauty products a few years ago and I see the wonders it does to my skin, it maintains my freckles and keeps my skin radiant and healthy. Due to this, I have immersed myself in the world of k-beauty. This led me to find MYLab Africa, a one stop eCommerce store for k-beauty products.

Since 2021

for Generations

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The story

Passionate about helping black women and men discover the world of K-beauty. I  want everyone to experience the boost of confidence that proper skincare can give . MyLab Africa is a one stop hub where you can find your K-beauty skin,body and hair care needs, we have a range of  high quality products that is personally sourced by our founder in Seoul, Korea.


to be the number one choice for skincare, hair and body hub to help people feel more confident and have healthier skin.