On today’s episode of self acclaimed aestheticians giving skincare advice 🙄

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Does sunscreen require the two or three finger rule application? Can I really skip moisturizer if I have oily skin or not? And finally, will vitamin C clear up my hyperpigmentation or NOT?! Well, this confusion is thanks to the large number of “skinfluencers” on the internet today. It’s almost so bad that you can barely tell apart the skin experts to a mere Instagram influencer trying to “blow” and get brand gigs.

In recent years, skincare influencers have become increasingly popular on social media, providing advice and recommending products to their followers. However, not all influencers are created equal and it can be difficult to differentiate between those who are skilled and knowledgeable versus those who lack expertise.

I have also heard that you can wash your face with ice cold water, on the contrary, I have also heard lukewarm water is the best (by now you should know the root cause of this confusion😒). Well, that’s not where the main tea is! When I decided I’ve had enough with these self acclaimed estheticians, I thought of ways I could still benefit from the internet without eventually doing damage to my (innocent) skin.

If these tips could help me shut out the noise, it can help you too! Here are tips that have helped me when taking information from the internet.

Check their education and credentials

This is a great step in filtering out the skilled from the unskilled. Professional skin care influencers usually have a background in dermatology, aesthetics, or other related disciplines. Look for their credentials or certifications on their social media or website to determine their expertise.

Verify their sources of information

Professional influencers usually provide sources of their information in their posts, blogs or videos. They also reference their sources of product information. However, if sources are absent, if you have the time (oh, I do!) you can verify yourself on the internet, or with any skin care consultant you have in your corner.

Look for recommendations and Testimonials

Check if other professionals in the skincare industry recommend them or if they have positive testimonials from their followers. While this may sometimes appear to be mere endorsements, it is however a good step forward in picking who you should take skincare information from.

Analyze their content

Professional influencers usually provide evidence-based advice supported by scientific research. They are knowledgeable about skincare ingredients and their effects, and are often transparent about their personal experiences. unskilled skincare influencers on the other hand  may lack the knowledge and training necessary to provide effective recommendations and advice. They may make recommendations based on personal preference, rather than scientific research and facts. This can lead to harmful skin care techniques or products being recommended, with negative effects on the skin. Such influencers may make exaggerated claims, overhype products or make false statements about the effectiveness of their advice.

Look for ethical behavior

I have come across an esthetician who is literally honest to a fault regardless of how “big” the brand may be. This is someone who places the safety of her audience first rather than the image of the brand. Professional influencers are transparent and forthcoming about their sponsors, partnerships, and professional affiliations. They do not promote harmful or potentially harmful skin care practices and products. Unskilled influencers on the other hand may Overhype certain products without considering if it’s suitable for all skin types and are often brand ambassadors who promote one particular brand without explaining if it works for various skin types. 

Look for a skincare expert that has the same skin type as you

This one trick has helped me a lot! Do you have a skin type or concern different from mine? I probably don’t need the same tips and advice you require for your skin type and condition then. To make it easier, I look for an influencer who of course satisfies the tips above but also has the same skin type as I do and similar skin concerns.

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